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Exercise - Does Baby Lifting Count?

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baby lifting



“Exercise, what exercise? Who has time?  Can I get fit through baby lifting?”


Mommies struggle with fitness every single day. They have to make choices because their time is so limited.  In our 2006-2007 survey, 67.1% of the moms felt that they didn’t get enough exercise. Is that so hard to believe?


Hey, the demands of motherhood are harsh.  It’s extremely challenging for mommies to maintain their physical well-being.  The child seems to need support almost every waking moment and then once the child is sleeping mom must play catch-up on all the things she hasn’t done.  Even if they’re fortunate enough to have hired help, mommies still have many things that must get done and only so much time. What’s the first thing that’s sacrificed? Exercise! 


“Spending hours satisfying the kids and others: lifting, rushing, organizing and other things keep me busy enough.  By the end of the day, that glass of wine and the couch looks a lot more tempting than running to the gym.”


The reality is that regular exercise plays a vital role in brain health and memory enhancement for a number of reasons. First and foremost regular exercise increases circulation which gets more blood to the brain and promotes brain development.   Second, besides increased circulation exercise enhances brain stimulation strengthening neural pathways that improves the brain’s ability to function. Third, regular exercise is a great vehicle for stress reduction, lowering the body’s release of stress hormones, like cortisol, and expunging the negative feelings and concerns of the day.  Fourth, regular exercise helps the body release endorphins that boost your mood.   Endorphins such as  adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine all work together to make you feel good.  Finally, better conditioning promotes a healthier self image.  If you feel good about yourself, your productivity is enhanced and your openness in connecting with others increases.  


Find it tough to find time to exercise? Here are a few suggestions from other mommies.


“Eight per day helps keep the doctor away. If your normal working day is eight hours long then try doing just one strength training exercise every hour for a total of eight exercises (if you only work four hours try two per hour). Just eight exercises are enough to work every major muscle group yet it only requires about 3-5 minutes per exercise. Plus, you’ll benefit from doing this just 2-3 days per week. A resistance band or tube is an excellent choice for the strength training because you only need one small piece of equipment for all the exercises.”  - Lynn Bode

“Get a collection of fast songs of all genres. Make a tape or CD of them. On our dance CD, some of the artists we included were: Gary Allan, Beethoven, Bare Naked Ladies, Elvis, J.Giles Band, Queensryche, and Raffi. When dancing and sweating, by the way, kids don't care what the lyrics are; they are in a zone. Dance. Jump. Run in place. Leap. Warning: You may want to shut your curtains first, unless you don't mind your neighbors believing you're a maniac.”  - Diana Griffis


“I’ve started registering for local fun runs. They give me something to aim for regularly and I’m not out there aiming to break records – just beat my previous times. Not that I get to run much with kids around.  I do gym ball toning up  workouts and skipping – something quick and easy that can be done in 30 minutes while my kid is napping!!  Plus, have you ever tried skipping for very long?  It’s RIDICULOUSLY hard!!!” – Jenna Lawes


Here’s another tip: Look for opportunities to pick up and lift your baby. (Yes, baby-lifting counts as exercise!) Babies love to be lifted and swung and this is a great opportunity to work on your upper body strength.  The added bonus is that it’s a great bonding exercise with your child.  Remember, use proper posture, keeping your legs bent and back straight when lifting — otherwise you’ll be visiting our next web site:   Memory for Mommies in


What are you doing to get exercise?








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