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Memory Help

Exercise is a Time Saver for Mommies

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women stretching

Regular exercise is one of those luxuries that most mom’s wish they could get, yet struggle to find the time to accomplish.  In our Mommy Memory Survey 67.1% of the moms felt that they didn’t get enough exercise. Is that so hard to believe?  Time is fleeting and work and family demands are many.  While it is extremely difficult, mommies must find a way to get exercise into their routine.  As a matter of fact, exercise can help mommies save time, here’s how:   


Three Useful Breathing Exercises for Mommies

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The life of a mommy is many things. Joyous, frustrating, frantic, amazing, boring, stressful and rewarding are just a few of the words mothers use to describe their experience.  As a result, mom’s need many different tools to help them through that experience.  Without proper tools, moms get stressed.  Once stressed, memory and effectiveness are severely impacted. Here are three useful breathing exercises that you can use to get you through your day and life.

Use the HSKT Method to Improve Recall on your "To-Do" Lists

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to do list - croppedThe life of a mother is frantic.  Every day is filled with distractions that can make it easy to forget what’s next on your list of things to do.  Even when things are written down distractions can make it difficult to remember your “to-do” list. One way to increase your chances of remembering is to have a mental system to keep your thoughts organized. An easy method to use is the HSKT method.

Depression Fighting Foods

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depression - cropped

The birth of a child is a wonderful and joyous time. It is a time of renewal and new possibilities. It is also a time when many mothers experience depression resulting in memory loss. There are a number of issues that cause depression.


One of the issues is called “the baby blues,” which are mood swings that are the result of high hormonal fluctuations that occur during and immediately after childbirth. In some cases more severe conditions, such as postpartum depression, occur. An way you look at it it's a recipe for disaster and memory loss.


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