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Memory Help

Holiday Foods that Improve Memory

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The holidays are a special time where we relive traditions, focus on family, and give thanks to what we have. It is also a time where we recall fond memories and partake in our favorite holiday foods. Very rarely do we choose holiday foods (and recipes) on the basis of how they improve our family's health and our memory. The reality is that most holiday foods can be both a source of joy and memory improvement. The key is just choosing the right foods and reducing (not eliminating) the three counter agents that negatively impact the nutritional benefits: Sugar, Butter, and Salt. Below are some traditional holiday foods that can help our memory and brain health.



Use the Link System to Improve Grocery Shopping

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A mother’s memory is challenged every day. Even the simplest tasks like grocery shopping become more difficult accomplish as new family additions and new tasks are added to the daily grind. One method that can be used to improve recall is the Link system. 


The Link system is a proven system that has many uses including grocery lists, to-do lists, stops on a trip, recalling numbers, and other tasks. The reason it's called the link system is because you link all of your list items together in a story or picture.  It requires you to utilize both sides of your brain which creates stronger memory pods. Key steps include: 



Jogging Your Memory

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We all have moments in the day where we mentally lose it.  forgetfulnessWe misplace our  purse.  We lose a vital phone number.  We forget a familiar person's name. In many cases we freak out, beat ourselves up and fear that we are losing it.  Don't worry... here are some tips to help you jog your memory. 


1) Relax - Instead of freaking out and beating yourself up (we're oh so good at that), sit back, take some deep breaths and relax. Relaxing improves blood flow to the brain and gets those synapses working again. It’s all happened to us… we get halfway to work, we finally relax, and we have our epiphany… “It’s on the night stand!” 



Get Organized Moms: 3 Tips to Remember

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A powerful principle to get organized and stay organized is being consistent.  Being consistent about where you put things and how you do things creates a strong foundation for order in your life.Now we know its tough to be consistent with kids running around the house, however, consistency can make a big difference. Here are 3 tips for consistency and order that are key to getting organized.



Establish A place for everything - The best way to find something you need is to know where it belongs and put it there every time; keys, kids shoes, wallet, bills to pay. Establish a home for things; make sure everyone knows where it goes and work together to create the habit of putting it there and you'll save hours over time looking for things.



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