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Memory Help

Treat Yourself and Your Family to Autumn’s Best Brain Food

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autumn whole foods by elvert barnes

As the days get shorter and mornings have that unmistakeable nip of autumn, we say goodbye to the fresh fruits and veggies of the summer months. While most of us think of summer as the best time for harvesting and consuming healthy fruits and vegetables, fall has its own set of fresh produce. And many of them, especially the deep greens and reds, are great for memory and brain health.

Here are a few to consider, plus links to recipes for some of the more picky eaters in your family.


Reduce Negative Self Talk to Minimize Stress and Improve Your Memory

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positive self thoughts by mkismkismk

Research has shown that people under continuous stress suffer with memory problems. Negative self talk is a driver of stress and low self esteem.  Moms, in particular, who are bombarded with so many activities, choices, frictions, and other variables, tend to suffer with stress and low self esteem.


What is self talk? Self talk is that internal voice in our head that perceives every situation. Some people call it our inner critic. It can go to the positive, but many times it goes to the “dark” or negative side. On the positive side, it can flow to … I’m enjoying this situation; I’ll prepare and do well. On the negative side it can flow to … you’re going to fail; You won’t be good at it; you’re such an idiot. Self talk tends to include our conscious thoughts (or beliefs) as well as our unconscious assumptions.


Mommy Recommended Tips for Dealing with Momnesia

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confusion by alexandra bellink 
The term Momnesia, according to Doctor Tania Altman, refers to the memory challenges mommies face in their 26th week of conception through the first 6-12 months of motherhood. A more humorous but real definition by Stef Daniel (mother of 4) is the state of mind where you are so overwhelmed with things to do, noise, and the needs of kids that you cannot remember one thing from one moment to the next.  Some people say momnesia lasts the first 12 months post partum, some say it lasts a lifetime. Wherever you are in the mommy spectrum, here are some mother approved tips to help with Momnesia.

Five Keys to Improving Your Self Esteem

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Keeping your self esteem intact is never easy for a mommy.  It seems like every day there’s something that tears at your confidence.  Whether it’s the children interrupting the routine, or no one doing what they said that they were going to do, or the day falling apart because of various issues, things can quickly wear on your belief basis and make you feel horrible about yourself. According to Dr. Melissa Stoppler, low self-esteem compromises our emotional readiness to handle the challenges that invariably come with daily living and therefore increases our experience of stress. Stress has been found to be a contributor to memory loss.


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